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We are so grateful for the excellent service provided by this waste removal team.

  • Emily P.

Gaining a quote and scheduling a meeting was hassle-free, taking no time at all. The staff is prompt and extremely friendly.

  • Pete McClain

I am substantially gratified with the team you shipped to take away my junk. They were very precise and efficient.

  • F. Eggerton

They're always punctual and make sure to keep me informed ahead of time if anything should change regarding collection or payment. They're also very respectful to my property and generally provide a great service.

  • Wendy

Junk Clearance Pimlico are reasonably priced and did a marvelous job. All my stuff finally has a place to live in again! Unbelievable junk removal service!

  • A. Smith

Total success with Waste Collectors Pimlico! Their booking process is so effortless to use and their customer service is unbeatable. A courtesy call one hour before they got started and then it was done within 15 minutes - great value for your money too so I'd definitely suggest them!

  • Corina Taylor

A patch of my land was the unfortunate victim of fly-tipping the other day, so thank god that Rubbish Removal Companies Pimlico operates local to me! They were very quick to respond and got the job done even more quickly. Thanks a lot for saving me a whole lot of hassle!

  • Lea Morgan

Having my loft cleared by RubbishRemovalPimlico was a great experience and if you want a loft clearance service I couldn't recommend this one enough! Their professional help didn't go amiss, and I was happy with their commitment to providing environmentally friendly services. My loft looks better than I've seen it in years - such a great service!

  • Courtney J.

Rubbish Removal Companies Pimlico were prompt, efficient and professional and made the rubbish clearance process a piece of cake. The price quote that I was given for the job was also very reasonable and definitely worth the service received. It was an all-round great service!

  • Peter Lundt

I just want to commend Junk Clearance Pimlico as a company, but definitely the hard working crew that turned up at my house for taking care of my rubbish removal requirements. The process was quick and easy and after just a single informative and professionally handled phone call, everything had been arranged and taken care of. On the rubbish removal day, the team were prompt, polite and removed everything I asked them to without any fuss. A great service and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

  • Bethany Thompson